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  • L-Arginine a precursor for the synthesis of NO; improves placental perfusion, placental blood flow & APGAR score

  • Reduces risk of IUGR, pre-eclampsia & gestational diabetes

  • Prevent some major birth defects of the baby's brain (anencephaly) and spine (spina bifida)



  • Achieves best outcome for management of iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy.

  • Improves pregnancy outcomes in terms of gestational age at time of delivery and birth weight.

  • Shows excellent Gl tolerability.



  • Provides antioxidant support for healthy skin

  • Regulates blood pressure, reduces oxidative stress

  • Heals chronic and fungal infections

  • Maintains strong brain function

  • Combination has shown to support a healthy immune system & is very effective in prevention of cold

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  • Helps in brain & visual function development

  • Prevent preterm delivery

  • Antioxidant action & improves micro-circulation

  • Prevents anaemia

  • Reduces symptoms of morning sickness

  • Prevents NTD & promotes RBC's maturation


  • Calcium is an essential ingredient of bone that must constantly be replenished

  • Vitamin D contributes to bone strength, as proper levels contribute to bone formation

  • Vitamin D supports proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems

Zincocee Plus

  • Immune Support

  • Healthy skin

  • Anti-Oxidant Support

  • Healthy Hair & Nalls

  • Support to Eye Health


L-METHYL FOLATE: part of a healthy diet body. Used in people with major depressive disorder who have folate deficiency
PYRIDOXAL-5-PHOSPHATE: enhances Fatty acid metabolism. Involved in the gluconeogenesis process

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